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Fertile CM is a female fertility supplement that has been specially designed to naturally increase cervical mucus, promote a healthy endometrium for implantation of the embryo, and increase the female sex drive.

Cervical mucus is a clear sticky egg like fluid that is secreted from inside the cervix. During most of a woman’s cycle, very little cervical fluids are produced.

However, during ovulation, the amount of cervical mucus increases in order to help sperm to survive in the vagina.

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Here are some of the functions of cervical mucus:

  • Helps protect sperm from the natural acidic environment inside the vagina
  • Helps to sperm to travel to the egg
  • Provides protection and nutritional support for sperm
  • Cervical mucus helps to prevent infections inside the vagina
  • Facilitates sperm movement so conception can take place

Fertile CM Ingredients

FertileCM contains a specific blend of key natural ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to safely and naturally to enhance cervical fluids, support the ‘thinning’ of mucus, increase hydration of the mucin, and promote optimal mucus alkalinity.

In addition, these same ingredients that support cervical mucus production have also been shown to induce endometrial secretion (creating a healthy uterus lining) during implantation time.

Vitamin C has also been added to support healthy cell function and promote an increase in the hydration (or liquidity) of cervical mucus.

Fertile CM Directions

Take 3 FertileCM capsules a day right away. You do not need to wait for a specific time within your cycle.

You can take Fertile CM together with FertilAid for Women. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, a 1-month supply.

Fertile CM Customer Reviews

This product purports to increase cervical mucus and I have to say that is what it did for me. After a long dry spell there was a great increase in fluids (the fertile type as described). I did notice an improvement in libido as well. It is worth trying at least once. Persons may want to up their intake of B vitamins as well as EFA’s (fish oils etc.). To help the body naturally secrete what it is supposed to.

The product is great. I used both Fertile CM and Fertilaid and just recently found out that I am pregnant!!!! – Melissa

I saw results just after one week of using this product. It was crucial for our conception after starting our supplement program. Highly recommended. – Monique Laura

My other half and I have been trying to conceive for a little over a year and were considering going to a (VERY EXPENSIVE) fertility clinic. I tied FertilAid for a couple months but my periods and ovulation are very regular but was just not able to conceive. I switched to FertileCM to see if I would get different results. I purchased two bottles and started taking the pills immediately. Well, after the first month we received the test we’ve been waiting on POSITIVE!!!!! I realize that this might be coincidence but I really dont think so!!! We have been trying very hard for over a year with no positives. I really believe this product works, especially for the woman like me that are very regular but just arent getting the results wanted. I still have a bottle left so I guess I’ll keep it for a rainy day!! haha try this product…IT WORKS!!!!

In Summary

If you have poor quality cervical mucus and are frequently dry in the vaginal area then FertileCM for Enhanced Cervical Mucus can definitely help you.

If you are using commercial lubricants to make up for vaginal dryness keep in mind that commercial lubricants kill sperm.  Increasing your own natural lubrication will not only significantly enhance the lovemaking process, it will help facilitate the movement of sperm to the egg as well.

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