Fertility Stones – Semi Precious Stones For Fertility

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What Are Fertility Stones?

It has long been believed that certain gem stones contain natural energies that can aid fertility, these became known as fertility stones.

Fertility bracelets are one of the most popular ways to carry the positive energies of the fertility stones.

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Here is a list of some of the most popular semi precious stones for fertility.

Popular Fertility Stones

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, also known as the “stone of love”, is believed to encourage fertility in a wide variety of ways.  It assists people in achieving emotional stability and well-being by reducing stress, promoting self-love and encouraging love from others.

It is also believed to encourage positive energy and increase confidence, while easing fears, promoting reproductive wellness and health.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine has long been associated with the the cycle of life.

This fertility stone is known for promoting emotional tranquillity, providing a sense of calmness and is believed to be particularly helpful for those who have experienced infertility issues.

This stone is also particularly helpful during troubled times to soothe the mind, bring patience and increase confidence.

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Moonstone is a stone for fertility that helps to balance the motions and nurture receptivity.

In Arabic countries moonstone is so well known as a symbol of fertility that women often wear moonstones sewn out of sight right into their clothing.

Pictured on the left is a green aventurine, rose quartz and moonstone  fertility bracelet.


Bloodstone is known for helping the blood flow properly in the body, which is very important for women with blood clotting disorders that prevent successful pregnancies.


Unakite is associated with fertility, as well as healthy pregnancies, and has been said to cleanse and balance.


Rhodonite is a stone for fertility that brings calm and inner balance.  Rhodonite has also been traditionally used to ease emotional pain.


Chrysoprase is a fertility stone that helps the individual to get rid of negative mental thoughts and become less irritable.  It also aids in self expression and courage and provides grace and compassion to the wearer.  Believed to bring happiness, some say this stone for fertility helps to also balance energies.

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