Increase Cervical Mucus – Ways to Increase Cervical Mucus

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Cervical mucus (CM), is extremely important to conception as it helps sperm to survive and swim towards the egg.

It is also an indication from your body that ovulation is coming.

For those who are trying to get pregnant, having intercourse before and during ovulation is important time in the baby making process.

If you consistently have little or no cervical mucus it is important that you increase your CM.

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Improving cervical mucus may be the missing link to why you can’t get pregnant or have been having trouble getting pregnant.

How to Check Your Cervical Mucus

As ovulation approaches, your cervical mucus or CM, changes from a dry or sticky consistency that is hostile to sperm to a wet and egg white type consistency that helps sperm to survive and swim towards the egg.

To manually check your cervical mucus

  1. First, wash and dry your hands well.
  2. Next put your index finger inside your vagina and get a sample of mucus.
  3. Remove your finger from your vagina and observe the consistency the mucus.  Look at the mucus and roll what you find between two fingers (usually your thumb and index finger).  Also, press your fingers together and then slowly move them apart.

What Fertile Cervical Mucus Looks Like

  • If your cervical mucus is sticky or dry, you’re most likely not ovulating.
  • If your cervical mucus is creamy, ovulation may be coming, but not just yet.
  • If your cervical mucus is wet, watery, and slightly stretchy, ovulation is very likely close. Find time for some baby-making sex.
  • If your cervical mucus is very wet, stretches between your fingers for an inch or more, and resembles raw egg white, your cervical mucus is very fertile. Ovulation is right around the corner, and now is the ideal time for intercourse.

TIP: Don’t check your cervical mucus during or immediately after sex, or when you’re sexually aroused.  If you are checking your mucus a day or two after sex, make sure you are not confusing semen with your mucus. With experience, you will be able to differentiate the two.

Some women, especially those with PCOS, may instances of fertile-looking cervical mucus throughout their cycle.  If this applies to you, taking your BBT to pinpoint ovulation may be a better choice.

Some drugs, including antihistamines and, ironically, the fertility drug Clomid, can dry up cervical mucus.  Avoid these drugs if possible.  Clomid contains many side effects.  A naturally fertility supplement such as FertilAid is a much better choice for those who are looking to get pregnant.

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Some women notice that their cervical mucus becomes wet or almost egg-white like again right before menstruation. Obviously, this isn’t a sign of impending ovulation.

How To Increase Cervical Mucus Naturally

A few ways to increase cervical mucus naturally include drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, eating a alkaline diet that is rich in raw fruits and vegetables and avoiding animal products eg. meat, foods that are sugary, and highly processed.

The easiest way to increase fertile cervical mucus is by taking a natural supplement such as FertileCM.  To learn more about FertileCM click here.

Fertile CM contains a specific proprietary blend of natural ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to safely and naturally improve cervical mucus, support the ‘thinning’ of mucus, increase hydration of the mucin, and promote optimal mucus alkalinity.

In Summary

If you are suffering from poor qualtiy or low cervical mucus, I highly recommend FertileCM to naturally increase your cervical mucus.

Cervical mucus is crucial to the transportation of healthy sperm to the egg for successful conception.

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