Male Fertility Supplements – Which One Should I Choose?

FertilAid for Men is a Clinically Proven All Natural Male Fertility Supplement

Male fertility supplements can boost sperm count, improve sperm motility (how the sperm swims), and improve abnormal sperm.

But before you purchase a male fertility supplement, here are a few things that you should look for in a good male fertility supplement.

Please keep in mind that it takes sperm about 3 months to form so you should be taking which ever fertility supplement you choose to buy for at least 3 months.

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Avoid Doctor Prescribed Fertility Drugs

Also avoid doctor prescribed male fertility pills as they can have many side effects.

According to Baby Center, “The two most popular fertility drugs for women, clomiphene and human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG) used with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), are also used to treat men with primary hypogonadotropic hypogonadism – a hormone deficiency in the pituitary gland or hypothalamus that prevents the testicles from receiving the signal to make sperm.

Clomiphene (taken daily as a pill) prompts the pituitary gland to make luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, which tell the testicles to produce testosterone and possibly more sperm. HCG (injected two to three times a week, sometimes with hMG) prompts the testes to produce testosterone and sperm directly.

In men, both clomiphene and hMG can cause temporary blurred vision, breast enlargement and tenderness, and weight gain. In rare cases, clomiphene can cause liver damage.”

Things to Look for in Male Fertility Supplements

Things To Look For In Male Fertility Supplements #1 – Where it’s Made In and Who It’s Made By

Make sure that the male fertility supplement is made in North American in a certified facility and that the supplements are guaranteed for both quality and potency. Over the counter, non prescription supplements are not regulated. Make sure that you do some research on the male supplement company before you buy it.

Things To Look For In Male Fertility Supplements #2 – What’s In It?

Another thing that you must make sure of is that the male supplement doesn’t contain any fillers and has a good dosage of minerals, vitamins, and herbs to help you improve your sperm motility, sperm count, improve abnormal sperm. Herbs to look for that help healthy sperm development and functioning include maca, grapeseed extract, ginseng and CoQ10.

Things To Look For In Male Fertility Supplements #3 – Clinical Support and Evidence

Make sure that the male fertility supplement you are looking to buy is backed by scientific studies and evidence that it really works.  A another good source of evidence of whether the male fertility supplement works is actually success stories and testimonials from people who have used the product. Look for third party testimonials from other websites because the company website for non-bias information.

Things To Look For In Male Fertility Supplements #4 – Make Sure The Supplement Contains Zinc

Zinc, a trace mineral, is extremely important to healthy sperm development.  Sperm is mostly made from zinc so make sure the fertility supplement you choose has zinc in it.

FertilAid for Men Male Fertility Supplement

FertilAid for Men is an all natural male fertility supplement that contains a specific proprietary blend of fertility enhancing ingredients including zinc that have been scientifically proven to increase both sperm quality and quantity.

In fact, a clinical study done on FertilAid for Men showed that it significantly increased both sperm quality and quantity.

If you want to take a supplement that will improve your sperm quality dramatically, I highly recommend FertilAid for Men.

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